We represent diverse communities across the country, who are very concerned with the current healthcare policy debate. It is our shared belief that the health and wellness of a diverse nation is truly reflected in the state of healthcare for underserved communities.

Unfortunately, our communities have been excluded and underrepresented in the policymaking process. This reflects the current reality of our healthcare system — that diverse communities are less likely to receive quality care and more likely to face poorer health outcomes.

Bridging the health equity gap must be prioritized at the highest level. The utilization of a holistic and intersectional approach which promotes social justice is essential to eliminating health disparities for diverse populations. This includes addressing the social determinants of health by creating environments that promote good health for all.

This is why we’ve joined together to advance health equity, diversity, and inclusion in healthcare.

The Health Equity Collaborative seeks to eliminate health disparities through the utilization of a holistic and intersectional approach to healthcare.