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The Health Equity Collaborative invites your organization to join our open letter (also see Spanish version) to the 118th Congress and Biden Administration, urging them to prioritize health equity and address pervasive health disparities faced by our communities.

Please use this form to sign on if your organization would like to be included in the effort.

Health Equity Guidelines

Health Equity Guidelines for the 118th Congress and Biden Administration
Health Equity Guidelines for the 118th Congress and Biden Administration – Spanish Version
Health Equity Guidelines for the 117th Congress and Biden Administration
Health Equity Guidelines for the 116th Congress and Trump Administration


07/20/23 White Paper: Healthcare Reform Proposals to Support Diverse Communities
07/26/22 White Paper: Improving Health Outcomes Through Social Determinants of Health Initiatives
02/16/22 White Paper: Drivers of Rising Health Care Costs and their Impact on Vulnerable Populations
12/10/21 White Paper: Driving Diversity and Inclusion in Health Care Research and Access


Health Equity Collaborative, About Us
PBM Reform One-Pager, Health Equity Collaborative
Health Equity Collaborative, 2022 Highlights
Health Equity Collaborative, 2021 Highlights

Coalition Letters

06/12/23 Coalition Letter: 13 Diverse Organizations Call on FDA to Protect Vulnerable Newborns from Aluminum Toxicity
02/10/22 Coalition Letter: 35 Diverse Health Advocacy Organizations Urge CMS to Prioritize Equity & Access to Alzheimer’s Treatments
12/03/21 Letter to Congress: Senate Must Pass Build Back Better With Healthcare Transparency Provisions To Protect Vulnerable Patients
12/03/21 Coalition Letter: Greater Oversight and Accountability of Federal Relief Program Needed to Combat Food Insecurity
05/19/21 Coalition Letter: Over 50 Organizations Call on Congress to Triple Funding for CDC’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Aging Program
07/07/20 Coalition Letter: Lawmakers Should Increase SNAP Benefits During the Coronavirus Crisis and Its Aftermath
05/11/20 Coalition Letter: 39 Multicultural Advocates and Public Health Organizations Call For More COVID-19 Help For Vulnerable Communities

Educational Videos

Health Equity Matters
All Stakeholders Should Be Held Accountable for the Rising Cost of Care
PBM Transparency and Reform
Rebate Reform to Lower Prescription Drug Costs
HEC Members Speak Out on the Rising Cost of Healthcare and PBMs


03/15/22 Health Equity Panel Spotlights HEC Member Initiatives at SXSW
02/28/22 Webinar: Virtual Conversations in Support of Rare Disease Day
06/30/21 Webinar: Advancing Health Equity & Addressing Medical Racism
02/16/21 Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A with Dr. Anthony Fauci
10/21/20 Webinar: Innovation and the Future of Work in the Wake of COVID-19
08/26/20 Webinar: A Conversation with Dr. Mike Ybarra, Vaccine Development and COVID-19 Disparities