Respiratory Disease Season & Diverse Communities: What Can You Do to Stay Healthy?

A Conversation w/ Dr. Leandris Liburd, Acting Director for the CDC’s Office of Health Equity (OHE)

Amy Hinojosa, President and CEO of MANA and founding member of the Health Equity Collaborative (HEC), recently sat down with Dr. Leandris Liburd, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office of Health Equity (OHE), to discuss respiratory virus activity in the U.S. and other critical aspects of our nation’s public health sector. This insightful talk delved into the importance of vaccinations, available resources for patients seeking care, and strategies to bridge health inequities among diverse populations.

Amy and Dr. Liburd discuss the following topics:

    • What respiratory illnesses are impacting populations across the United States and what is the CDC’s outlook on the 2023-24 respiratory virus season?
    • Who should get vaccinated to help protect against respiratory viruses?
    • Why should I get vaccinated?
    • How are diverse populations impacted by respiratory diseases?
    • How can I get my vaccine?
    • How can the elderly and individuals on Medicare access vaccines?
    • How can children, particularly uninsured children, get access to vaccines?
    • How important is it to share this information with friends and family?
    • Is it safe to “mix and match” my vaccine brands?
    • What other tools are available to help prevent illness from respiratory diseases?
    • Do you have any advice on how to talk with someone who is vaccine hesitant?

Key Takeaways:

    • Vaccines are vital public health tools with a proven track record in protecting individuals and communities.
    • Vaccine hesitancy is a complex issue with various contributing factors.
    • Culturally sensitive approaches and community engagement are key to addressing vaccine hesitancy.
    • Collective action is crucial to ensuring equitable access to vaccines and accurate information.

HEC’s conversation with Dr. Liburd served as a timely reminder of the importance of vaccine awareness and the collaborative efforts needed to overcome hesitancy. By working together, we can ensure that the life-saving benefits of vaccines reach all corners of our communities.

For more resources and information on respiratory virus season, please follow the links below.

We hope you enjoy the discussion!


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